clean yo’ hair

one of the questions i get asked most is “what shampoo/conditioner should i be using?”


there are a million to choose from. and that is probably why the question gets asked so many times. it can be overwhelming!

one thing i look for in a shampoo is one that is sulfate-free. i know you’ve heard of it. but why? because…

“Sulfates are harsh, synthetic salts that are used as cleaning agents in a myriad of applications—ranging from personal care to household cleaners. While effective at getting rid of dirt and oil, the use of sulfates in hair care products has become a controversial topic for many reasons. The use of sulfates that come in contact with the scalp have reported skin related issues such as epidermal irritation, dryness, redness, itchiness, and in some instances, hair loss stemming from follicle inflammation. In addition, sulfates can be harmful to the hair itself, stripping strands of their natural oils and leaving them prone to dryness, dullness, and breakage.”

the problem is, when you use a lot of sulfate-free shampoos they don’t really lather well and it can feel strange since you were probably used to a mountain of suds on your head previously. so i like it when i find one that lathers (they do exist!)

in addition to being sulfate-free my shampoos just need to make my hair feel clean, manageable, and it would be nice if they smelled amazing.

right now i am really crushing on Briogeo Hair Care and especially their Be Gentle Be Kind Shampoo



Who it’s for: Those with oily, fine, thin, or normal hair or hair with significant buildup. For those with more textured, thick, or dry hair, we recommend using Be Gentle, Be Kind™ Avocado + Quinoa Co-Wash.

What it does: Gently, yet effectively, cleanses the hair and rids dirt and buildup with a rich, healthy lather.





And when i look for a conditioner it just needs to do one simple task…  condition my hair.  who would have thought this simple task could be so difficult?  A lot of conditioners weigh the hair down or can coat the hair.   This one from Briogeo is amazing!  And they nailed the smell as well.  Mmmm.. hmm…  You can find this hair care at Sephora or follow these links  and they are at a really decent price point!  Briogeo Volumizing Conditioner for the win.






Who it’s for: Those with thin, fine, limp, and/or lifeless hair who want to kickstart growth while more immediately, increasing the appearance of thicker & fuller hair.

What it does: Delivers an optimal blend of follicle stimulating hair nutrients, such as biotin, b-vitamins, ginseng & ginger root. Maltodextrin & collagen help increase the immediate appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

gap super sale!

all regular priced items are 40% off at Gap right now when you use your Gap card (if you don’t have one, you need one)! I’m taking the opportunity to stock up on winter essentials for my boys, especially my soon to be newborn! my other boys were born in the spring (which is non-existent in AZ. read: 90 degrees), so I don’t have any warm hand-me-downs. plus, who am I kidding, I always buy all new stuff anyway. my husband is like “yay another boy we will save money” and I’m like…jokes on you! here’s a few of my favorite kids -both boys & girls- items (but the sale is good for all categories!):



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coming up roses

Ah, roses. A symbol of love. Or friendship (I never quite understood all the meanings of the different colors. But I digress.) Ever since I worked at MAC and they came out with a rose scented perfume I’ve been obsessed with the scent. I love smelling like my grandma’s potpourri! Not only is the smell amazing, but roses are naturally chalk full of amazing ingredients. Rose oil has antioxidants & vitamins and can also help fight acne because of its antibacterial properties. It is soothing for eczema and rosacea, and its naturally occurring vitamin C helps protect skin against environmental damage. Rose oil also locks in moisture and is amazing for dry or mature skin.


Lots of beauty companies have jumped on the rose bandwagon and are incorporating it into their products, much to my delight. Here’s some of my favorites:


Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 3.34.25 PM

EO wild rose & coconut conditioning serum: rose oils strengthen hair while 7 other oils restore moisture and soften split ends

Jurlique hand cream: moisturizes and soothes with a soft scent of roses. this brand also has amazing Rosewater products

Korres wild rose eye treatment: minimizes fine lines and dark circles with the brightening effect of rose oil

Fresh rose cleansing foam: this cleanser is combined with rosewater and cucumber, which restores and balances without stripping

L’occitane rose soap: this eco-friendly soap cleanses the skin without drying it and has a soft rosy scent

Roses de Chloe perfume: my current favorite perfume. just the right combo of flowery and delicate

Lush bath bomb: I gave this one to my girlfriends last year in our “favorite things” exchange. I love that it has real rose petals in it and the naturally calming scent of rose

Rosebud salve: multi purpose balm that can smooth chapped skin and lips, tame fly-aways, and even be used on diaper rash!


shop the products here:

Or, make your own rose beauty scrub at home!


Original recipe and images here.


I have never been the girl who is afraid to go out in public without makeup. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that I only wear makeup 2-3 times a week, and that is usually on the weekends. Monday-Thursday I am naked and unafraid (on my face, that is). This means that pretty much everything I do during the week is done with a bare face–kindergarten drop off/pick up, grocery store runs, doctor appointments, shopping, going out to eat, you name it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I look great without makeup. In fact I should probably be more embarrassed that I don’t try harder during the week (especially considering my occupation! if I work during the week I often warn my clients that I will most likely be sans makeup.) I’ve wondered if this is offensive that I am often found bare faced and in sweat/yoga pants and flip flops (mostly because Stacey London says it is). But when I am at the grocery store I don’t give a second’s thought to those without makeup. In fact, I feel a kinship to them. And the people who are ready for the day? I usually think, “good for them! how do they find the time/energy?” I attribute this attitude towards makeup to working at MAC for so many years and being paid to wear makeup. After years of this and after having kids, the novelty and desire to wear makeup daily kind of wore off. It’s been years since I wore makeup on a daily basis and now I think I must be immune to the embarrassment some people feel without its comfort.

I came across this article recently and was very surprised by the writer’s trepidation for not wearing makeup. Is it really that big of a deal? Once I got thinking about it, there were a few things I realized when it comes to my personal not-wearing-makeup philosophy & experience:

//I should probably balance out not wearing makeup with doing my hair. The girl in the article was dressed nicely and had her hair coifed to counter her bare face. Not wearing makeup seems to be more generally acceptable when the person is actually dressed and their hair is done (i.e. they look like they showered that day).

//I am okay with the fact that I get treated differently when I am wearing makeup and when I am not. It actually seems like a bit of a social experiment when I go somewhere without makeup and then back to the same place with it. I feel a little invisible when I am bare-faced but that’s okay too. I’ve learned that a smile and a pleasant attitude is almost the same as being dressed to the nines on the daily.

//Skin is in. When I don’t wear makeup, my facial skin is front row & center. Because of this, I feel more inclined to take good care of my skin. This means excellent skin care, SPF, and drinking lots of water.

//For me, putting on makeup is a bit of a persona. People assume that I am that person all the time and I often get comments like “I just don’t have the time to get ready all the time like you do.” But think about it, no one takes pictures and posts them on social media without makeup so we just assume that everyone (except us?) is perpetually camera-ready. That’s hardly the case, and we need to all be kinder to ourselves, both with makeup and without.








Dani Hampton - You are gorgeous! Love this post! <3

Christi - This was an awesome post, I feel the same way about makeup. I go without during the week and put it on on weekends. In fact I just got back from Costco wearing no makeup and my pajamas! I remember seeing young moms there, makeup on, and dressed cute. But I still have no problem with what I was wearing. Glad to see there are other people like me! :)

ww: kimono style

Kimonos are the perfect layering piece for a carefree look. I threw this one from Nordstrom Rack over a tee shirt dress and not only was it extremely comfortable, but right on trend. Speaking of tee shirt dresses, I was wearing this one in Anthropologie the other day and some girl complimented me on it and asked if it was this dress and I should have responded with “YES, because I totally have $200 to drop on a tee shirt dress” but instead I filled the girl in on my little secret: my dress is from none other than F21 and it was $12.80. No wonder it sold out so fast (insert crying emoji). But don’t fret, my friends, I found some suitable replacements in the “shop the look” below.


ps I’m totally wearing half lashes on my ends here and I’m loving how it compliments my winged liner! Just another secret to share with y’all.

photos by Brittany Lesueur // @blesueur

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