eats: the pink smoothie

my favorite thing in the morning is a yummy smoothie. it’s too bad that all i can do now is dream about having them because my blender is on the fritz! do i really need a blend tech/vitamix?  i wanted to post my quick go-to morning smoothie that my girl will drink too (solely because it is pink).  This one can easily be made green with a few handfuls of spinach and the flavor won’t change!





the pink smoothie  (makes 2)


1/2 C rolled oats

14 frozen strawberries

6 oz greek yogurt plain or vanilla

1 banana (frozen in chunks or fresh)

1/2 C almond milk

splash of vanilla


((  1/2 t chia seeds

1/2 t ground flaxseed

fresh spinach  ))



Add the frozen fruit followed by any liquid and blend.


photo copy


it’s seriously so good and so good for you.  great way to start your day or make for the kids after they get home from school!

Weekend Wardrobe: lady in red

there’s something ’bout a red dress and this one makes me so happy.  great find by my friend H.




Photos by the extremely talented Heather at Plainly Taken Photography.  Check out her amazingness!


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shopbop sale

did someone say friends and family sale?  i’ve got family pictures on my mind and these are some of my favorite sale items:  (aka needs)






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the shopping bag

we love discovering new websites with fun trends and quality product! The Shopping Bag has it all!


shirt c/o The Shopping Bag (the softest sweater ever!)

photos: Sarah Webb–follow her on IG @skwebb and don’t forget to book your family mini sessions for this fall!



necklace c/o The Shopping Bag


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Chia Derm Skincare

Rememeber a few months back when I blogged all about the new craze in skincare? H & I were so excited that we got to try this phenomenon out for ourselves! Chia seeds have long been known for their health & healing properties and the creators of Chia Derm+ decided to turn the super seed into a line of amazing skin care! A little about the products:

The company just introduced two products with proven clinical results, the CHIA DERM+ Serum and the CHIA DERM+ Balm. The serum is one of the first in the world containing 100% pure chia seed extract (most chia products only contain trace amounts of the beneficial seed but this one is the real deal) and the balm is comprised of chia seed extract and other key elements that aid in healing and skin protection purposes. A natural antibacterial and anti-fungal product, the balm can also be applied to burns, cuts and pruritic skin, expediting the healing process and reducing redness and scarring. These products are to be used wherever your skin needs protection or restoring. The seed, amongst many other things, also contains Biotin, which is amazing for hair and nail growth/health.


Meet your new best friend – The ultimate balm. Chia extract is paired with complementary ingredients such as bergamot, a rare Italian citrus fruit extract with medicinal properties. Other key ingredients include beeswax, honey and royal jelly extract to increase emollient properties. A natural antibacterial and anti-fungal product, the balm can be applied to burnt, cut or pruritic (dry/ irritated) skin, expediting the healing process and reducing the appearance of redness and scarring. Can be used on the skin all over the body including lips, elbows, knees, feet, hands, cuticles and around the eyes. 



ChiaDerm Serum contains just one ingredient–pure chia seed extract–but is packed with so many valuable nutrients that its benefits are infinite. With unrivaled levels of Omega 3s, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, & vitamins, our chia serum provides a powerful complex of constituents to help protect, and preserve your skin against signs of aging. A super food for skin and hair, it can be used as a high potency spot treatment for crows feet, forehead, or any aging or ailing skin.

Our review:

C: we get sent our fair share of skincare. as an aesthetician, I have a critical eye on ingredients & results and I am happy to say that this product delivered! I have used the serum on my face every night (with a concentration around my eyes) and then sealed it in with the balm (a little of each potent product goes a long way). the balm has a very unique smell that I am obsessed with! I love how soft my skin has been, plus I have noticed improved texture and resilience to the elements. I really feel like my skin has never looked better. I have also used the serum and balm on my hands and my growing baby belly. I would recommend this product a million times over, I really feel like it has changed my skin and saved it from pregnancy hormone havoc!

H: I won’t lie to you. I was nervous to use this. My skin likes to freak out when i use new products. Kind of like that Tina Fey/american express commercial when she says she has the chin of a teenager (ch-acne). I, too, can have the face of a teenager. So I started using this product on my hands and belly. Then talked to C about her experience and she raved about it so I dared put it on my face and…can i just say… LOVE it. The skincare stars have aligned. I too can say, my skin has never looked better. Thank you little chia seeds for being magic. I look forward to trying you as a deep conditioner. I’m thinking this would also be great for my clients who suffer from dandruff/dry scalp issues!

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