ww: kimono style

Kimonos are the perfect layering piece for a carefree look. I threw this one from Nordstrom Rack over a tee shirt dress and not only was it extremely comfortable, but right on trend. Speaking of tee shirt dresses, I was wearing this one in Anthropologie the other day and some girl complimented me on it and asked if it was this dress and I should have responded with “YES, because I totally have $200 to drop on a tee shirt dress” but instead I filled the girl in on my little secret: my dress is from none other than F21 and it was $12.80. No wonder it sold out so fast (insert crying emoji). But don’t fret, my friends, I found some suitable replacements in the “shop the look” below.


ps I’m totally wearing half lashes on my ends here and I’m loving how it compliments my winged liner! Just another secret to share with y’all.

photos by Brittany Lesueur // @blesueur

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we all love target. there is a little piece of heaven for everyone. sometimes we find it in clothing, in the decor section, the baby aisle or in an icee..but it’s there. here are my current pieces of heaven:


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family pictures

Family pictures. aka one of the most stressful times of the year! What to wear, where to shoot, will the kids behave?! We’ve all been there and it’s never any fun (until you get back the darling pictures of your beautiful family!) Last year H and I answered some questions for a photographer and wanted to share them with you along with some tips to make your family picture outfits/look/experience successful! Here’s our outfit inspirations & tips:


Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.44.51 PM

oxblood jacket, shirt 

other items:

notice that each outfit remains mostly neutral with pops of color. this is one way to have color in pictures without feeling like its too much. sticking with the black&white makes the formal look remain classic, but using different patterns and a couple of brighter colors modernizes the palette. also LAYERS are amazing because they can create different looks. leave on the jackets, take them off for a few pictures, roll up sleeves, etc. and it gives you tons of options.


Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.33.55 PM

boys teal pants

other items:

although I still have the mom wearing a dress, this one is cotton and an easier silhouette (see it on our very own H here). I’m a big believer in dresses for family pictures, but if you’re not a dress person that’s okay too! for the “casual” inspiration I used lots of color which portrays a really fun and modern vibe.

here’s some FAQ about family pics:

Q: What is the most important beauty step a Mom should take for family pictures?

A: Being prepared. Have everything laid out and start getting ready in advance. Get yourself ready before the kids. If Mama is in a bad mood, no one is in a good mood!

Q:  Pinterest holds conflicting information. Should makeup be stronger for photos (with a digital camera) or more mild?

A:  I always think that when you do makeup for pictures it should be  stronger than usual. That said, it doesn’t necessarily need to be MORE  makeup. Just stronger colors. Focus on doing more on your cheeks and  lips. Peachy-pink is a universally flattering shade that looks great in  pictures.

Q:  Is there a common mistake that you see Moms committing in their family photos?

A:  Being too matchy-matchy in photos is a no-no. Coordinating and matching are very different things. Pick colors that go together but intersperse them with different patterns and textures. I like to choose 4-5 different colors that I want to use and incorporate them throughout the pictures. Not everyone needs to be wearing each color that is represented in the photo. Choose styles that represent your family. Now is not a time to try something super trendy or out of the box. Also, focus just as much attention on YOUR outfit as your family’s!! Pick your outfit first and everyone else’s after. You don’t want to be stuck with nothing to wear.

Q:  What products do you recommend to keep my hair from going completely flat before I even get the photo shoot?

A:  First, you need a good blowout using a round brush for volume. Texturizing/mattifying powder in the roots with a little bit of tease will prolong the volume.

Q:  How do you get lipstick to stay on for awhile?

A:  For lipstick to stay better, use a matte formula and don’t use gloss.

Q:  When to use/not use fake eyelashes?

A:  I always recommend fake lashes for pictures. They will make your eyes look big and bright!!

Q:  How can I get my entire family looking cute, while getting myself to look pretty enough for a photograph that will hang on the wall for a long time?

A:  PREPARE everything in advance! Put yourself as the priority. If you don’t like how you look in pictures, you will never be happy with them on  the wall. Lay out clothes, accessories and anything else you will need to get ready for pictures. (Pack snacks and drinks for the kids and candy for bribery if needed!)

Q:  What would it cost to utilize a professional’s service, makeup, hair, and/or styling, so that I just don’t have to worry about it?

A:  To hire The Beauty Mark girls to beautify for family pictures it is $60 for hair and $60 for makeup (plus $5 for fake lashes). We can also style and pick out the outfits for your family for a fee based on family size. We know how overwhelming family pictures can be and we love to help make the day a little bit more stress free! If mama feels her best, her family will follow suit! Feel free to contact us for more info hello@thebeautymarkgirls.com


eats: the pink smoothie

my favorite thing in the morning is a yummy smoothie. it’s too bad that all i can do now is dream about having them because my blender is on the fritz! do i really need a blend tech/vitamix?  i wanted to post my quick go-to morning smoothie that my girl will drink too (solely because it is pink).  This one can easily be made green with a few handfuls of spinach and the flavor won’t change!





the pink smoothie  (makes 2)


1/2 C rolled oats

14 frozen strawberries

6 oz greek yogurt plain or vanilla

1 banana (frozen in chunks or fresh)

1/2 C almond milk

splash of vanilla


((  1/2 t chia seeds

1/2 t ground flaxseed

fresh spinach  ))



Add the frozen fruit followed by any liquid and blend.


photo copy


it’s seriously so good and so good for you.  great way to start your day or make for the kids after they get home from school!

Weekend Wardrobe: lady in red

there’s something ’bout a red dress and this one makes me so happy.  great find by my friend H.




Photos by the extremely talented Heather at Plainly Taken Photography.  Check out her amazingness!


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