she & him and us

  C got me some highly coveted tickets to see She & Him for my birthday and the concert did not disappoint.  Anything that involves Zooey Dechanel, vintage dresses, and a night out on the town is a good recipe for the perfect night.

The Secret Sisters opened for She & Him and I might have a new favorite band.  Their voices were straight from Alabama heaven.  One of their songs is featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack so, as it turns out, we didn’t discover them first {sigh}. But I’m fixin’ on getting their CD cause they are beyond talented.

She & Him.  Zooey and M Ward.

You are probably already aware of our obsession with Zooey but hearing them LIVE took things to a whole new level.  Zooey has got some great alto pipes!  Her personality was differentthan we had imagined.  Less “Jess” from New Girl and more dry sarcastic “let’s get things done here-type.”  But we still love you Z!
M Ward’s milky voice awoke some feelings we didn’t know we had.  That voice is like butter.  Butter on top of  a buttercake. And we’re ready to be the band’s groupies.  One thing we need to talk about if the aforementioned ever happens is that her back-up singers have GOT to go.  I’ve never seen anything so comical my whole life.  Hippie-dippy, red-solo-cup-in-hand, had-to-be-high, flower children.  Actually, maybe they need a raise, it was a sight to behold.

Were you aware that I was accompanied by Zooey herself?  C pulls off those clip-in bangs magically so whenever she was a few steps in front of me I’d yell “Zooey!! Zooey!  Can I get an autograph.”  All to C’s dismay (sometimes I’m embarrassing cause I don’t care what people think) We are 99% sure people thought she was the real deal.  To this day I maintain that there were several people pulling out their phones to take pictures.

Dress & Belt:  Vintage

Booties:  Sam Edelman

Dress: Vintage

Leopard Belt:  Ann Taylor Loft

Necklace: F21

Shoes: Steve Madden

If you get the opportunity to see them- take it!  Such a fun concert.

Huge thanks to C for the amazing birthday gift!

Alisha (Dana) Terhufen - I want to hear more about these clip in bangs… What kind of clips do you sew the hair onto? And how do you hide the clips when they are on top of your head? ….maybe a good future post idea. I would love to have straight across bangs (occasionally)!

Courtney - Hi Alisha!! You can buy the clip in bangs from CosmoProf! They are already sewn together and the way they are designed you can’t see the clips at all!! Definitely try them out. You won’t be disappointed!

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